Severe Weather Safety

Important information about severe weather warnings:

In order to better serve and protect the citizens of Richland Center, the Richland Center City Council passed a resolution changing the procudeure on how the City’s warning sirens are activated during severe weather.

The storm warning sirens will be activated:

a. When the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning and the City of Richland Center is within the warning area.

b. When an emergency management spotter, law enforcement officer, or fire department personnel, have reported a tornado, funnel cloud, or wall cloud that may threaten the City of Richland Center.

The emergency warning sirens have two types of warning sounds:

1. A long steady tone means the weather service has issued a tornado warning for the Richland Center area and you should seek shelter immediately.

2. If the siren is sounding in a Hi-Lo tone, this means a fire call has been received by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

Information for Lighting Awareness

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