Richland County Flooding

The greater Richland County area has been experiencing flooding due to heavy rains this week. Please respect the high water levels as you are traveling. Remember the saying “Turn around – don’t drown” and take it seriously. Flood waters over roadways present an extreme hazard as they can hide washouts caused by the current that leaves no roadway where you are driving. It is next to impossible to determine under dirty debris filled flood water what is under the water. It is better to turn around and have to travel out of your way to safely reach your destination than to become a person in need of rescue or worse by driving through water.

All local officials remind the public to be extremely careful as they not only travel, but may be a resident that is dealing with flooding on their property or at their place of employment. Also take photos to document any damage you may have and listen for information from local emergency management on any disaster assistance.

The Richland County Emergency Management website at will provide press release information on the flooding.