Tanker 714

Tanker 714
Tanker 714
Tanker 714
Tanker 714
Tanker 714 Tanker 714
Tanker 714 Tanker 714
Tanker 714 was delivered to the RCFD in the spring of 2009. This tanker replaced two single rear axle tankers, that both had smaller tanks, with a tandem axle unit with a 3000 gallon tank. In addition to delivering a larger load of water with this unit to a fire scene, it also is one less vehicle to maintain, carry insurance on, house in the station, and frees up a firefighter from a drivers seat to perform other fire ground duties. Unit 714 was manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing, and sold by Reliant Fire Apparatus. This tanker is one of three in our fleet, and is second tanker out on calls in our rural area. The pump on this unit is driven off of the trucks transmission, where the pumps on our other tankers are small engine driven. Some of the benefits of this are one less engine to maintain, and better pump discharge pressure control. This style pump also allows the tanker to be used as a back up engine if need be and it carries fittings needed to attach to a hydrant where the other tankers can only pump the water in their on board tanks. We are proud to have this piece of equipment in our fleet.
Cab and Chassis Fire Pump and Water Tank Electrical Systems
2009 Kenworth T370
2 man cab
360hp PacCar PX-8 (Cummins) diesel electronic engine
Allison EVS 3000P transmission
14,600 ft & 40,000 rr axle weights
Rud automatic tire chains
Kussmaul battery conditioner
Safety Vision back up camera
Waterous 500 GPM CVLK series pump
Fire Research pressure governor
2- 4” pump suctions – 1 each side of pump
1- 4” and 1- 2 ½” pump discharge
2 speed lay pre-connect hose lines
3000 gallon UPF poly water tank
1- 4” direct tank fill
1- 2 ½” direct tank fill
1- 10” Newton tank dump rear
2- 8” tank dumps – 1 each side
Whelen warning lights – LED
6- 12v scene lights
3500 gallon folding tank
Hydraulic folding tank rack
1000ft – 3” supply hose
400 ft – 1 ¾” hose
600 ft – 1” forestry hose
1- 10’ x 6” hard suction hose with strainer
28’ extension, 14’ roof, and 10’ attic ladders
Misc hand tools
Dry chemical fire extinguishers
Task Force Tips nozzles
Compartment Pictures
Drivers Lower Front Drivers Lower Front Drivers Side Upper Rear Body Left Side
Drivers Pump Panel
Waterous CVLK 500 gpm pump
Side mount pump controls
Fire Research InControl pressure controller
Drivers Lower Front
Low level strainer
Misc hose fittings
20# dry chemical extinguisher
Drivers Side Upper
Ground ladder storage
Rear Body Left Side
Hard suction hose tray with door
Side tank dump chute shown extended
Compartment Pictures
Rear of Body Curb Side Lower Drivers Pump Panel Curb Side Upper
Rear of Body
Main tank dump in center
2 ½” and 4’ tank fills
Hose bed area under red tarp at top
Ladder access to hose bed area
Hand wheel controls for side dumps – 1 each side
Curb Side Lower
Forestry hose
Indian pack – grass fire back can
Hydrant bag with fittings – yellow
Tanker refill kit with fittings – red
Curb Side Pump
Pump intake and discharge
Folding tank rack control
Curb Side Upper
Folding tank in lowered position
3500 gallon folding tank
Truck Pictures
Tanker 714 Tanker 714 Tanker 714
Tanker 714 Tanker 714 Tanker 714

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