Rescue 706

Rescue 706
Rescue 706
Rescue 706
Rescue 706
Rescue 706 is our department’s primary response vehicle for automobile accidents. This heavy rescue carries equipment needed to remove victims from any type of accident from car crashes to industrial accidents and is our first out unit for such calls and is followed by an engine. Rescue 706 started its time in our station in 1986.  Manufactured by Marion Body Works in Marion, WI, and sold by Johnson Fire Equipment, this unit was first used as the Squad truck on our department responding to fire type incidents to transport personnel and fire fighting equipment such as spare SCBA bottles, portable lighting, and ventilation fans and saws. This role now is filled by Squad 708. When purchased Unit 706 replaced a step van bread truck delivery type vehicle where firefighters and equipment were piled together in the back of the unit on the way to a call. Upon delivery of the new Squad 708 in 2006 this unit was moved to the rescue truck. When the RCFD first purchased 706 new in 1986, the body was installed on a 2-door GMC chassis with a walk through into the squad body where 9 firefighters could ride to an incident. The GMC had a gas engine, manual transmission and hydraulic brakes. In the fall of 2009, due to the chassis getting tired, while the body was in excellent we purchased a new chassis to replace the old one and installed the used body on it. This work as well as upgrades to the warning lighting system was all done by department members. The new chassis and body were taken back to Marion Body Works, the origional body builder and a PTO generator and a Wil-Burt light tower were installed by Marion as well as the addition of the front bumper extension and receiver winch mounting. The new Freightliner chassis has a diesel engine, automatic transmission, and air brakes, and will last us for years to come. At the time of this upgrade, the body was modified to eliminate the squad seating to allow for more equipment storage in the walk in area. This included covering the walk through on the front of the body, as well as cabinet modifications on the officers side of the truck that turned the cabinets into full height and depth from the outside while eliminating the inside squad bench. The 25kw PTO driven generator and a 9000 watt light tower that was added at the time of this refurbishment was paid for entirely with funds from our firefighter’s dances. This lighting turns the darkness of a night time accident scene to a well lit area for firefighter safety. Carried on Rescue 706 is our primary jaws of life and rescue equipment, along with a variety of tools and equipment ranging from air packs and spare bottles, an air refill system, ventilation saws & fans, salvage covers, a large assortment of hand tools, basic first aid supplies, an incident command area, and much more. 706 responds as a rescue truck to all accident calls in our district. This unit is first out the doors of our station on 1 of every 3 calls to assist accident victims with the equipment needed to free them from their vehicles, or if no one is pinned and in need of assistance it has the supplies to clean up spilled fluids from the autos or direct traffic as needed. Both Rescue 706 and Squad 708 have bodies built by a quality manufacturer who listened to our needs, that are designed to be re-chassied in the future to save the taxpayers in our district a large sum of money as the unit ages. Click here to see photos of the body being installed on the new chassis.
Cab and Chassis Squad Body Electrical Systems
2010 Freightliner M2 Chassis
6 man cab – 3 in SCBA seats
315 hp – Cummins ISC series diesel engine
Allison EVS3000P transmission
13,220 front and 23,000 rear axles
Rud automatic tire chains
Kussmaul battery conditioner
Safety Vision back up camera
16’ long all aluminum construction body
Squad body remounted on to new chassis in 2009
Walk-in rear body with equipment storage
Exterior cabinets on both sides of body
Squad bench seat for rehab use
1- 200’ electric cord reels with 4 outlet boxes
12000# Ramsey winch
Whelen and Sho-Me led warning lights
Onan 25kw PTO driven generator
2- 1500 watt telescoping lights on rear of body
2- 500 watt telescoping lights on front of body
Will-Burt 9000 watt roof mounted light tower
6- 12v scene lights
3 Scott air packs w/ spare bottles
10 bottle spare SCBA bottle rack
4- 6000psi breathing air storage tanks
SCBA fill system
Misc hand tools
ISG thermal camera
Water, carbon dioxide, and dry chemical fire extinguishers
Positive pressure ventilation fans
Ventilation power saws
Salvage covers
Portable lighting and electric reels
Holmatro jaws of life equipment
Paratech lifting bags high and low pressure
Paratech strut assortment
Assortment of wood cribbing
Traffic cones
Spill control and containment devices
Rope rescue equipment
Compartment Pictures

Drivers Front

Drivers 2nd from Front

Drivers Side above Wheel

Drivers Side Rear
Drivers Front
120/240 volt breaker box
Generator display
Light tower controls
Spare SCBA bottles
Air bag and air tool bottles
12,000# Ramsey winch
Extrication door post covers
Drivers 2nd from Front
Holmatro “Jaws of Life” rescue tools
All tools “Core Technology”
2- DPU 31 Duo pumps
4050 Cutter
4020 Cutter
4242 Spreader
4150 Combi tool
3331 Ram -39” spread
4350 Ram – 50” spread
Spare jaws tips
Tennis balls
Power Hawk non-hydraulic rams
Drivers Side above Wheel
Oil dry spill absorbent
4- 25’ jaws hoses
Pulling chains
Jaws pulling tips & ram extensions
Door rocker plates
Steering wheel air bag cover
Extrication blanket
Staging tarp
Manila rope
Drivers Side Rear
2200 watt portable generator
Holmatro twin line hose single tool pump
Cut off saw
Chain saw
Leaf blower
Portable electric cord reels
2- 500w floodlights
Spill catch pans
Push broom heads
Compartment Pictures
Drivers Rear IMG_3965 IMG_3962 IMG_3961
Drivers Rear
Electric ventilation fan
Paratech rescue struts and extensions
Drivers Rear below Walk-in Door
200’ Electric cord reel w/ 4 outlet box
Curbside Rear
Traffic cones
Hand tools
Forcible entry tools
Rear Body Walk-in Curb Side
4- 6000 psi breathing air storage tanks
SCBA bottle fill system
Pike poles – assorted lengths
10’ attic ladder
Broom handles
Streamlight lightboxes
Paratech strut bases and tops
Spill control kits
Rescue harnesses
Stokes basket and backboard
Compartment Pictures
IMG_3953 IMG_3972 Curb Side 2nd from Front Curb Side above Wheel
Rear Body Walk-in Drivers Side
3 person rehab bench
14’ Fresno extension ladder
Portable radios
ISG Thermal Camera
Streamlight lightboxes
20# Dry Chemical extinguisher
20# Carbon Dioxide extinguisher
20# Water extinguisher
Spill cans
Salvage tubs
Poly stokes basket with backboard
Traffic control stop/slow signs
Crowd control devices
Traffic vests
Basic first aid and medical supplies
Paratech high lift bags
Paratech high pressure bags
Salvage covers
Holmatro 2020 wedge
Twin line jaws hose
Champion rescue tool with cutting or crimping tips
Curb Side Front
Cribbing and shoring lumber
2×4, 4×4, 2×6, & wedges
Step chocks
Poly 4×4 Lincoln logs
Vehicle officers pack (bolt cutters, pliers, window punches, seat belt cutters)
Curb Side 2nd from Front
Rescue rope
Technical rescue rigging
Paratech tripod kit
Curb Side above Wheel
Paratech high pressure lifting bags
Rescue 42 composite struts
Strut rachet straps and anchors
Hand tools
Bottle jacks
Wood plugs
Compartment Pictures
IMG_3970 On Squad Body Roof Crew Cab Seating Area Crew Cab Seating Area
Curb Side Rear
Porta power
Turbo flares
Ajax air hammer
Air saw
Lifting bag regulators & hoses
Paratech air distribution cart
On Squad Body Roof
Will-Burt 9000 watt light tower
Extends 15’ above roof
Light heads swivel left & right
Light heads tilt up & down
Crew Cab Seating Area
3 SCBA seats
Storage under bench seats
Crew Cab Seating Area
Latex gloves
Hands-free traffic direction headsets

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