“Keep the Wreath Green” Holiday Safety Campaign 2015

wreathThe Richland Center Fire Department is promoting the KEEP THE WREATH GREEN Holiday Safety Campaign. This program is designed to remind the public to be safe this holiday season. House fires and serious vehicle accidents can have tragic and devastating results at any time of the year. When they happen around the holiday season the effects can leave lasting long term sad memories at a time of the year that is supposed to be filled with joy and happiness for friends and family.

For the third holiday season the RCFD has placed a wreath decorated with only green bulbs on the front of the station. Any time during the month of December that the fire department responds to a call for service a green bulb will be changed in color. Any time the department responds to a fire call, a bulb will change to red. If the call is for a vehicle accident a bulb will change to blue. Any other type of response, such as carbon monoxide calls will generate a yellow bulb. A final bulb color that we hope to never use will be white. A white bulb will indicate that a life has been lost due to either a fire or a vehicle accident within our response area.

keep the wreath green lights

Response Type        Fire                             Accident                            Other                            Lost Life

2015 to date              2                                        5                                         5                                       0

2014 end count         5                                        3                                         7                                       0

2013 end count         3                                        2                                         5                                       0

By using this campaign we hope to remind the public of the dangers of fire and remind them to travel with caution this holiday season.

The holiday season usually has an increase in residential fires. People use their fire places while entertaining guests, have more candles burning, cook more frequently, and have decorated Christmas Trees inside of their houses. All of these items if not done with safety in mind can end up with tragic results in the blink of an eye.

Travel during the holiday season has its own risks added to other times of the year. There are more people on the road traveling to see friends and family, taking trips to go shopping, and partaking in school of other community holiday programs. This added travel is on top of everyone’s already busy schedule in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Another added danger to increased traffic, is the change of road conditions with snow and ice cover which can make travel more hazardous than normal.

The KEEP THE WREATH GREEN campaign is our way of reminding people that although there is a lot to keep them busy during the holidays, fire prevention and highway safety should always be on their minds.

The KEEP THE WREATH GREEN campaign will run through New Year’s Day and serve as a reminder to everyone to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones, but be aware of the hazards which can turn it tragic. A current update of the light colors on the wreath can be viewed on the department’s website at rcfdwi.com

The firefighters of the Richland Center Fire Department wish everyone a joyous holiday season and remind you to KEEP THE WREATH GREEN.