Is your number up? – Can we find you?

As emergencies of any type, from fire (not all fires are a blazing inferno that have smoke and flames showing) to illness and injuries, or the need for police assistance can occur at any time, we ask you to ensure your house number is clearly visible from the road by day and night, so that, when you need us most, we can find you quickly and easily.

The three following steps would assist us greatly:

  • Check to see that your house number is visible from the road. Letters at least 3″ tall and in a color that contrasts from the area it is mounted on greatly assists in making your house number quickly visible.
  • Make sure that there are no trees, bushes, flags, or any other items obstructing the sign. This is especially important for locations in the rural part of our response area as vegetation often blocks 911 address signs.
  • Switch on, when possible, an outside light if your emergency call is at night.

It is essential that when emergency services are called we can find the address as quickly and as easily as possible. We encourage all members of the public to ensure that their house number is as visible as possible at all times. Time spent in looking for the proper house to respond to when numbers are not up can make the difference in the outcome of your call for assistance.

Please help us to help you!