Celebrating 25 years of Explorers

The Richland Center Fire Department is pleased to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fire Explorers Post #2106. The purpose of the Richland Center Fire Explorers is to provide an opportunity for young people aged 15-21 to gain an understanding of general fire department operations, current firefighting training, and fire suppression techniques.

On November 1, 1987, four young people met at the fire station with members of  the Richland Center Fire Department to discuss the possibility of opening an Explorers post. Two weeks later on November 15, 1987, the first official meeting of the Richland Center Fire Explorers was held. Dan Brewer, Steve Krueger, Chad Kanable, Pat Bauer, and Arnold Fruit were the founding members.

For over two decades, the members of the Richland Center Fire Explorers have trained and worked closely alongside RCFD, aiding on scene and at the station for hundreds of fire calls. Many of the current members of RCFD have been in the Explorers program, with other Explorers successfully pursuing fire or other emergency services fields after leaving the area. Several became full time paramedics, one a paramedic on a medevac helicopter, three teach emergency services, one is the head of an emergency department at a hospital, and one is a Lieutenant at a full time fire department.

For more information about the Richland Center Fire Explorers, click here. If you or a young person you know is interested in becoming an Explorer, please contact us.