Squad 708

Squad 708
Squad 708
Squad 708 Squad 708
Squad 708 Squad 708
Squad 708 Squad 708
Squad 708 was delivered to the RCFD in August of 2006. Manufactured by Marion Body Works, in Marion, WI, and sold by Johnson Fire equipment this unit can be thought of as a giant tool box on wheels. While this truck does not have a pump, water tank or hose, it is no less important than other fire apparatus. 708 has seating for twelve firefighters, six of them air pack seats. This brings a lot of manpower to a scene. The truck has a 25kw pto driven generator and 18,000 watts of floodlighting all around the truck. This lighting turns the darkness of a night time fire scene to a well lit area for firefighter safety. Carried on Squad 708 is a large variety of tools and equipment ranging from air packs and spare bottles, an air refill system, ventilation saws & fans, salvage covers, a large assortment of hand tools, basic first aid supplies, an incident command area, our back up jaws of life equipment, and much more. 708 responds as a squad truck to all fire calls in our district. Upon purchase of 708, the old squad truck # 706 was reassigned to Rescue 706 and became the unit for primary response to auto accidents with our main jaws equipment. For the first time in RCFD history one of our trucks was published in a manufacturer’s calendar. Squad 708 appeared in the Marion Body Works national fire apparatus calendar in 2007, as the featured truck for May of that year.
Cab and Chassis Squad Body Electrical Systems
2006 International 4400 series
2 man cab – 10 man squad body
310 hp – International DT570 diesel engine
Allison EVS3000P transmission
12,000 ft & 23,500 rr axle weights
Rud automatic tire chains
Kussmaul battery conditioner
Safety Vision back up camera
20’ long all aluminum construction body
Walkthrough from rear of cab into squad body
Exterior cabinets on both sides of body
Rear walk-in entry door to inside of body
Rear seating for 10 firefighters – 6 in SCBA
2- roll out pegboard style tool boards
Command center with map desk
2 drawer file cabinet with local hazardous item records
2- 200’ electric cord reels w/ 4 outlet boxes
200’ low pressure air reel
9000# Ramsey portable winch
Whelen warning lights – led and strobe
Onan 25kw PTO driven generator
4- 1500 watt telescoping lights one each corner of body
2- 1500 watt fixed side body lights
Will-Burt 9000 watt roof mounted light tower
6- 12v scene lights
6 Scott air packs w/ spare bottles
15 bottle spare SCBA bottle rack
4- 6000psi breathing air storage tanks
Eagle SCBA fill system
Misc hand tools
ISG thermal camera
Water, carbon dioxide, and dry chemical extingushers
Positive pressure ventalation fans
Ventilation power saws
Salvage covers
Assorted specialty nozzles and fittings
Portable lighting and electric reels
10- 5 gallon pails of foam
Holmatro jaws of life equipment
Assortment of wood cribbing
Traffic cones
Compartment Pictures

Drivers Front

708 Drivers 2nd from Front

Drivers 3rd from Front

708 Drivers side above wheel
Drivers Front
120/240 volt breaker box
Generator display
Light tower controls
Paper towel dispenser
Specialty nozzles
Mini stepladder
1- 20# Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher
1- 20# Water Extinguisher
2- 20# Dry Chemical Extinguishers
2- Grass fire back pack cans
Portable foam pack
Drivers 2nd From Front
Oil dry
Floor runners
Chimney cleaning equipment
Drivers 3rd from Front
200’ Low pressure air reel
200’ Electric reel with 4 outlet box
Misc electric cord adaptors
Portable cord reels
Portable 500w floodlights
Portable Honda generator
Drivers Side Above Wheel
10- 5 gallon pails of foam
100’ Manila rope
Non-sparking shovels
Compartment Pictures

Drivers Side Rear

Drivers Rear below Walk-in Door Rear Body Walk In Rear Body Walk In
Drivers Side Rear
Eagle SCBA fill station
Spare SCBA bottles
200’ rescue rope
Drivers Rear Below Walk-In Door
9000# Ramsey portable winch
Rear Body Walk-In
Pike poles – assorted lengths
10’ attic, 14’ extension, and 6’ step ladder
Fold down bench seat for 4 on drivers side
Rear Body Walk-In
SCBA seating for 6 in front of body
5- Streamlight lightboxes
4- Portable radios
Small item storage above front bench seats
Compartment Pictures

Map Desk Command Area

Curb Side Top Middle

Map Desk Command Area
Incident command board
2nd two-way radio location
Thermal Camera
Streamlight lightbox
2 drawer file cabinet
Rear of Command Area
RIT Rescue equipment
2- ladder belts
Front of Command Area
Traffic control devices
Leak control devices
Refrigerator with water and Gatorade
Drivers Side Interior Cabinet
First aid equipment
Gas meters
Compartment Pictures
Curb Side Front
Curb Side 2nd from Front

Curb Side 3rd from Front

Curb Side above Wheel
Curb Side Front
Hand tools – forcible entry tools
Holmatro Jaws of Life equipment
Twin line hose style
Duo pump
50’ dual twin line hose reel
Small and large cutters
Long and short rams
Combi tool
Air lifting bag control box
Curb Side 2nd from Front
Paratech vehicle stabilization struts
2- 32’ jaws hoses
Hand tools toolbox
Traffic cones
Curb Side 3rd from Front
Porta power
Chain saw
Cut off saws
Gas can
Tempest gas and electric ventilation fans
Plastic roof / window covering
Curb Side Above Wheel
Salvage Covers
Wood cribbing assortment
Compartment Pictures
Curb Side Rear On Squad Body Roof














Curb Side Rear
200’ Electric reel with 4 outlet box
4- 6000 psi breathing air storage tanks
2 – Rollout tool trays
Shovels, Rakes, & Pitchforks
Specialty hand tools
Piercing nozzles
On Squad Body Roof
Will-Burt 9000 watt light tower
Extends 15’ above roof
Light heads swivel left & right
Light heads tilt up & down
Front Bumper
2nd hook-up location in receiver for winch stored at rear of truck

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