Engine 705

Engine 705
Engine 705
Engine 705
Engine 705
Engine 705 Engine 705
Engine 705 Engine 705
Engine 705 was the first joint fire truck purchase made by the Richland Center Fire Department after the formation of the joint fire district. Manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, WI, and sold by Rennerts Fire Equipment, Engine 705 is the front line engine in our station for both city and rural calls. At the time of its delivery this engine replaced the rural engine #705, and the city engine at that time #710, became the second out engine. The delivery of this unit in July of 2003, completed a project from design to delivery of over two years, and greatly enhanced the firefighting capabilities of the members of the RCFD for the people we serve.
Cab and Chassis Fire Pump and Water Tank Electrical Systems
2003 Pierce Enforcer
6 man enclosed cab with 10” raised roof
370 hp Cummins diesel electronic engine
Allison EVS3000P transmission
18,740 ft & 23,000 rr axle weights
Rud automatic tire chains
Kussmaul battery conditioner
Safety Vision back up camera
Waterous 1500 GPM CSU series pump
Pierce Husky 10 foam system
2- Six inch suction inlets – 1 each side of pump
3 speedlay and 1 crosslay pre-connect hose lines
4 – 2 ½” discharges & 1- 4” discharge
Pre-piped master stream
800 gallon poly water tank
30 gallon poly foam tank
Code 3 warning lights – halogen and strobe
Harrison 10kw hydraulic generator
2- 240v -1500 watt telescoping lights
1- 240v -1500 watt visor light
8- 12v scene lights
2100 gallon folding tank
1200 ft – 5″ supply hose
400 ft – 3″ hose
200 ft – 2 1/2″ hose
1000 ft – 1 3/4” hose
600 ft – 1” forestry hose
26’ total of 6” hard suction hose
35’ – 3 section, 16’ roof, and 10’ attic ladders
5 Scott air packs with spare bottles
Misc hand tools
1250 gpm portable monitor
Water, carbon dioxide, and dry chemical extinguishers
Positive pressure ventalation fans
Ventilation power saws
Salvage covers
LDH hose hydrant manifold
500 gpm portable monitor
Assorted Nozzles and fittings
Holmatro jaws of life equipment
ISG thermal camera
Portable floodlights
12,000# Warn winch
200’ low pressure air reel
200’ electric cord reel with 4 outlet box
Compartment Pictures
Drivers Top Front Drivers Top Middle Drivers Top Rear Drivers Lower Front
Drivers Top Front
120/240 volt breaker box
Generator display
2- Streamlight lightboxes
Battery road flares
Paper towel dispenser
Drivers Top Middle
Hand tools forcible entry tools
Drivers Top Rear
Spare Air Pack bottles
2- Ladder belts
Foam nozzle
Cellar nozzle
Drivers Pump Walkway
Folding tank hardware
Compartment Pictures
Drivers Lower Front Drivers Lower Rear Rear Body Lower Rear Body Lower
Drivers Lower Front
Spare nozzles
Assorted hose fittings
Doughnut rolls
Road flares and marking paint
Drivers Lower Rear
Shovels, Rakes, & Pitchforks
Traffic cone
Hand tools toolbox
Porta power
Rear Body Upper
2100 gallon folding tank
Stop/Slow traffic sign
Rear Body Lower
Chain saw
Cut off saw
LDH Hydrant valve
Oil dry
Gas cans
Salvage tub
2- Grass fire back pack cans
200’ Low pressure air reel
200’ Electric reel with 4 outlet box
Compartment Pictures
Curb Side Ladder Rack Curb Side Top Front Curb Side Top Middle Curb Side Top Rear
Curb Side Ladder Rack
2- Tripod light tripods
2- Pike poles
Ground ladders
Curb Side Top Front
2- 500w floodlights
2- 1500w floodlight heads for tripod lights
2- 100 ft cord reels
Spare power cord
Curb Side Top Middle
Task Force Tips Blitzfire 500 gpm monitor
Holmatro BCT Tool (battery powered jaws)
Husqvarna leaf blower
200’ rescue rope
100’ manila rope
Plastic roof/window covering
Curb Side Top Rear
1- 20# Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher
1- 20# Water Extinguisher
2- 20# Dry Chemical Extinguishers
Bulk and bagged dry chemical powder
Compartment Pictures
Curb Side Hose Tray Curb Side Front Lower Curb Side Rear Lower
Curb Side Pump Walkway
Chimney cleaning chain and buckets
Curb Side Hose Tray
25’ x 5” LDH hose
50’ x 5” LDH hose
Hydrant fitting bag
Curb Side Front Lower
Tempest electric positive pressure fan
Salvage covers
Curb Side Rear Lower
Holmatro Jaws of Life equipment
Single line CORE Technology
Duo pump
3- 25’ hoses color coded
Step chock cribbing
Compartment Pictures
Front Bumper

Officers Seat

Crew Cab Area Pump Panel
Front Bumper
Hose and hydrant tools
12,000# Warn winch
Front hose tray w/ 2 ½” discharge
75’ – 1 ¾” trash line
Pre-conected piercing nozzle
Officers Seat
SCBA seat
Maps and guide books
Streamlight lightbox
Toughbook laptop
Gas meter
Crew Cab Area
4- SCBA seats
3- Streamlight lightboxes
2- portable radios
Thermal image camera
First aid kit
Refrigerator with water & Gatorade
Handouts – smoke detectors
and stuffed animals
2- traffic control signs
Traffic safety vests
Mini stepladder
Bull horn
Pump Panel

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