ATV 719

ATV 719
ATV 719
ATV 719
ATV 719
ATV 719 ATV 719
ATV 719
ATV 719 was purchased in the spring of 2001 from Vetesnik Power Sports in Richland Center. The members or the department saw the need to have a small off road capable unit for use at wild land fire scenes to better gain access to areas that our four wheel drive units could not reach. 719 has allowed for faster suppression of grass and woods fires by carrying water and personnel to areas where they would have had to walk and carry all equipment to. The skid unit in the back of the ATV is removable by two people to allow the cargo box area to be used for equipment transport or rescue of injured people from remote off road areas. The ATV is also capable of towing the trailer that it is transported on, and has hauled countless numbers of sandbags during flooding events. 719, its equipment, and the trailer were all paid for with funds from our annual Firefighters Dance that is held each October during national fire prevention week. All work on the unit (painting, lettering, electrical, and building of the skid unit) to place 719 into service was provided by members of the department.
Cab and Chassis Fire Pump and Water Tank Electrical Systems
2001 Polaris Ranger ATV
Seating for 2 people
1500# total capacity
4 Cycle engine
3500# pull front mounted winch
Honda WH20X pump – 5.5 hp engine
130 gpm maximum flow
65 Gallon plastic water tank
2- 50’ hose reels
1- 1” forestry discharge
1- 1 ½” hand line discharge
Federal Signal warning lights – halogen
Mobile 2-way radio
2- 50’ hose reels
Dry chemical fire extinguisher
5 gallon water back can
Rescue basket
Compartment Pictures

Rear Box Area

Front View
ATV Transport ATV Trailer
Rear Box Area
Honda WH20X pump
65 Gallon water tank
2- 50’ hose reels
1- 1” forestry line discharge
1- 1 ½” discharge
Quick release brackets allow removal of skid unit to allow ATV to be used for off road injured person rescue
5 gallon “Indian Pack” water can
Front View
Brush Guard
3500# Warn Winch
Junkin brand rescue basket
Can be carried in box or ATV upon removal of skid unit
ATV Transport
Unit 718 is equipped to tow the ATV
3500# capacity Rugged Road trailer
ATV Trailer
The trailer that carries 719 to a scene can be towed by the ATV on a scene if needed to transport people or equipment

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