User Fee Rates

The user fees as adopted by the RCFD Board of Directors are as follows:

EMS Lift Assist                 $200.00         EMS Lift Assist calls are billed to the EMS agency that requested the RCFD to assist with their patient.

False Alarms                      $300.00         False Alarms generated by automated fire detection systems. The first alarm per calendar year is not billed.  Alarms after the first are billed for each alarm at the listed rate.

Duty Crew Response      $600.00 per hour for all hours.           A Duty crew response is typically an auto accident where the fire department is called upon to assist in clean up, provide traffic control and scene safety, or remove trapped individuals from automobiles. Duty crew responses may also be rescues where the departments UTV is used to transport an injured party, or fire responses that are downgraded due to the fire being out upon the departments arrival.

Full Response                   $800.00 first hour and $600.00 per hour all additional hours. Structure fires, vehicle fires, grass fires, are some of the items that fall into this category.

Consumable Supplies    Billed at actual cost are items the fire department uses to contain a spill such as oil dry, or assist in suppressing a fire such as foam.

Rented Equipment          If the fire department needs any specialized rental equipment such as a backhoe to tear down a structure to suppress the fire the rental of this equipment will be billed with the fire call. Many times this is pre authorized by the insurance agent that has the policy on the property where the incident takes place.